On-Campus Advertising

Selected advertising opportunities on the U-M campus

There are many ways you can raise awareness about your school, college or unit. Get details on digital banners, bus signs, print ads, Diag boards and much more below.

Bus Signs

Advertising on the blue campus buses is an effective and inexpensive way to convey your message to campus commuters. Ad space is available on a week-by-week basis. Minimum reservation is one week; maximum reservation is one semester.

Diag Boards

Despite their name, Diag boards are not limited to the Diag. These plywood ad  boards can be found in over 70 different locations on campus, from the Arch to the Hill Area to North Campus. Advertisers can reserve Diag board locations on a week-by-week basis during the academic year (month-by-month in summer). The minimum reservation is one week; the maximum reservation is one semester.

Due to high demand for Diag boards, a lottery is conducted each semester. Contact SORC staff for more information.

Diag Banners

Due to high demand for Diag banners, a lottery is conducted each semester. Contact SORC staff for more information.

There are 9 banner pole locations on the Diag. Advertisers can reserve them on a week-by-week basis during the academic year (month-by-month in summer). Advertisers create their designs and submit them to SORC staff; SORC drivers install the banners.

Digital Signage

Paid Ads: Digital advertising screens are a great way to convey your message in full color to the campus community in the League, Pierpont Commons, Palmer Commons, and many campus computing sites. Advertisers can reserve advertising space on over 20 digital screens around campus on a day-by-day basis. Contact SORC for more information. The minimum reservation is three days; the maximum reservation is one semester.

Free Ads: ITS digital signage is an open, collaborative, environment where individual sign owners can volunteer to display promotional content from other U-M units on their signs. Visit the site to review the content considerations and learn how the process works.

Kiosk Toppers

The numerous cement kiosks on campus are actually covers for air intake valves. They also offer a great opportunity for advertising. Space is free, but there is a small charge for creative, production and installation. Kiosk toppers can be installed at the top of the kiosks in various locations on campus:

  1. Next to the Michigan Union on State Street
  2. By the West Hall arch on South University
  3. On Ingalls Mall
  4. Next to SAB on Maynard
  5. Near Pierpont Commons (North Campus)
  6. Corner of State Street and North University
  7. On Beal Ave and Hayward St. (near bus stop on North Campus)
  8. In front of U-M Museum of Art, on State Street
  9. Next to Randall Lab on the Diag
  10. Next to Tappan Hall on South University
  11. In front of South Quad on East Madison
  12. On East University & Willard Street
  13. Near Central Campus Transit Center

Production is handled by the U-M Sign Shop. Contact Michigan Creative for more information.

Lightpole Banners

Lightpole banners are managed by the Campus Planning Office in AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction). Submit requests at least 8 weeks prior to desired installation date, and allow 4-5 weeks for review/approval and 2-3 weeks for fabrication/installation. For more information, email  Jessica DeVol, 615-6175.


Advertising with the U-M’s student newspaper, the Michigan Daily, is pone of the best ways to reach the UM-Ann Arbor campus’ 32K students. Print, digital, and social advertising is available at competitive rates.
Get more info here
or contact the display advertising department at wmg-contact@umich.edu, 734-418-4115 opt.2.

Stadium Marquee

Located outside the Michigan Stadium/Crisler Center complex on W. Stadium Blvd., the stadium marquee offers free advertising space for U-M schools, colleges and units. Stadium Blvd. averages a daily traffic count of over 25,000 cars (not counting football game day traffic), so the marquee is an easy, inexpensive way to get your message out. For specs and guidelines, visit the webpage.

Targeted Emails

If you need to communicate with a specific group of faculty, staff or students, targeted emails are a great option. Read more on the HR webpage.

University Record

If you want to reach the U-M community (and its 9,000+ retirees), advertising in the Record is a must. The print edition comes out 36 times during the school year, and each print ad placement comes with a free digital banner. Such a deal! Read more on the Record’s advertising page, or contact them at 734-764-4342 or danirj@umich.edu.