Blocks test

Tab 1 title

Tab 1 content.

If you want more content like a list, you can put it here.

Tab 2

Tab 2 content with the addition of a list to test the ability to nest blocks.

  • This is the list and this is the first item.
  • We even can add a second item.
  • …and keep going if we want.

This is a second paragraph that follows the list. In the edit screen it looks like it is not indented properly. Let’s see how it looks “live”.

“Quote style here. Text: H4 centered. Quote should be no more than three to four lines. Quote style here.”

Attribution Name, Monserrat SemiBold 16pt, All Caps

Trick with the swatches table is that you must “edit as HTML” to add the swatches content to the cells. The table cells will NOT take InnerBlocks.

ColorPrintWebWeb Accessible Combination

PMS: 7406
CMYK: C0, M18, Y100, K0



Blue (#00274C)


PMS: 282
CMYK: C100, M60, Y0, K60



Maize (#FFCB05)


White (#FFFFFF)

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