Survey FAQs

1. What is the purpose of this research?

The University of Michigan wants to better understand how the university is perceived and trusted by members of its community to help guide its future initiatives and growth. Your voice is important and your participation with this survey will provide valuable insights.

2. Can the survey be taken on a mobile device?

Yes, it can be taken on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. We do recommend a computer for full functionality and navigation.

3. The survey link does not work when I click on it.

If the link does not automatically direct you to the correct page, copy and paste the full link into your browser. 

4. Can I start taking the survey and then finish it at a later time or date?

While we recommend that you take the survey in one sitting, continuing the survey from where you left off will depend on your personal computer settings (i.e., browser cookies).

5. The survey does not let me continue to the next question.

Double check that all answer choice fields have been selected or populated or look for any error messages on the page to help you resolve this issue. Once there are no error messages and all fields have been filled out, you should be able to proceed to the next section of the survey. 

Some questions may look alike (i.e., it is the same question text but different answer choices), so continue with your answer choice selection and proceed to the next page.

Finally, check your internet connection as you might have lost internet access while taking the survey.

6. I lost internet access while taking the survey, now what?

Try to reconnect your internet access then advance to the next question. If this does not work, click on the link again from the email – you might be able to continue where you left off or start over, depending on your personal computer settings.

If you can’t get back in using one of the above methods, delete all the cookies from your internet browser and then click the link again to restart the survey from the first question.

7. I was not contacted by the University of Michigan to participate, and I want to share my opinions/viewpoints as part of this study. How can I participate?

The University of Michigan community is large and encompasses many different audiences. To ensure that we are hearing voices from each part of our community, we intend for equal audience representation in our study findings, which means that we are unable to hear from every single person for this study. 

8. How did you receive my email address for this study?

You have previously approved the use of your email on a University of Michigan-owned distribution list and have likely received emails from the university in the past, whether for recruitment, educational, or other purposes. We only contacted those who have opted in to receive further communications from the university as part of recruitment efforts for this study. If you would like to be removed from future studies or email outreach, please email  

9. How can I unsubscribe from future emails about this survey?

Please email and use “Unsubscribe me from this research” in the subject line. 

10. I would not like to participate, but my friend, spouse, etc. would like to participate on my behalf. Is this possible?

At this time, we are only able to accept those who were originally contacted for participation to ensure an equally representative sample of the community.

11. Who is administering the survey and analyzing the data?

This survey is being administered and analyzed by our research partners at Edelman DXI, an independent, third-party research company. 

12. When will the findings be reported?

This survey is part of a broader audience research initiative by the University of Michigan and results will be used to shape future development campaigns and other upcoming university-sponsored initiatives. A final report will be available in the Winter 2023 term. 

13. Will my answers be identifiable?

All information submitted as part of this survey will be securely stored by Edelman DXI. All findings from this survey will be reported in aggregate level; no personal information (e.g., your name) will be reported on or shared with the university as a part of this project.