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About our Marks

The University of Michigan has four official marks:

U-M primary logo
The “Primary Logo” – the official mark of the University of Michigan
U-M horizontal logo
The “Horizontal Logo” – a horizontally oriented wordmark when the rectangular logo cannot be accommodated because of space considerations
U-M secondary logo (aka Block 'M')
The “Secondary Mark” – also known as the Block M, probably the best-known U-M mark
sample marketing signature logo for U-M units
The “Unit Logos” – The branded logos used by individual schools, colleges, departments and administrative units

Registered Marks

The University of Michigan has several marks that are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, of which the most frequently used is the Block M. These marks take the circle R designation to show that registration has been applied for and granted:

U-M secondary logo (aka Block M)
The circle R is used:
  • on licensed apparel licensed maize sweatshirt with blue Block M
  • on materials for external audiences, when the Block M is used as a standalone graphic element (on a poster, t-shirt, premium item, etc.), or on items that don’t include the full U-M logo and/or school/college/unit logos:
It is not necessary to use the circle R:
  • when the Block M is used as part of the U-M logo U-M primary logo
  • when the Block M is used in the unit logo of one of its schools, colleges or units: sample marketing signature logo for U-M units
  • when the Block M is used as part of the U-M logo

The University Seal

The University of Michigan Seal is reserved for official regental and presidential uses, as well as for official university documents such as transcripts and diplomas. The Seal may be used on certificates, awards and other similar official documents. Small gold Seal stickers are available for this purpose and may be purchased from Michigan Creative. Read more about the Seal » »

Other Registered Marks

  • U-M logo with Block M
  • Standalone Block M
  • Split Block M logo (with ‘Michigan’ through center bar)
  • Bordered Block M 
  • Football helmet
  • M Go Blue logo
  • University of Michigan Seal

The following wordmarks/phrases are also federally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and take the circle R designation:

  • The Michigan Difference
  • Big House
  • Maize Rage
  • Hail to the Victors
  • Michigan

The following registered marks are only available on a limited, exclusive-use basis by approved vendors:

  • Block M with Seal
  • Block M with Wolverine
  • “Split” Block M 
  • Seal with red accents
  • Vintage Block M
  • Vintage football helmet graphics
  • Vintage wolverine graphics, including the “retro Wolverine”

Protected Marks

In addition to registered trademarks, the university has several “protected” marks. These carry the TM designation, which indicates that even though the university has not filed—and may never file—for federal registration, we consider the mark protected:

Expect Respect U-M logo
  • University of Michigan
  • UM
  • U-M
  • U of M
  • Expect Respect
  • Wolverines
  • Michigan Wolverines
  • Go Blue
  • Let’s Go Blue M
  • The Victors
  • Victors Valiant
  • Champions of the West
  • Conquering Heroes
  • Michigan Stadium
  • Crisler Arena 
  • Yost Arena