University Seal

sample of U-M seal

The Seal of the University of Michigan is used as a formal insignia on official university documents and on materials produced for the U-M Regents and President.

The Seal is not a marketing logo. Use of the Seal for any purpose other than those listed below must be approved by the ID Standards team.

There are also Seals for Michigan’s regional campuses in Dearborn and Flint:

sample of Dearborn U-M seal
sample of Flint U-M seal

Usage Guidelines

The Seal may be used for:

  • Stationery products for the Regents and the President
  • Diplomas, transcripts, certificates and other similar materials related to official university business
  • Lecterns and podiums in auditoriums
  • DPSS badges, uniforms and vehicles
  • University academic flags
  • Gifts and apparel offered commercially through the U-M’s licensing partner, IMG Licensing

The Seal may NOT be used:

  • for non-regental or -presidential stationery products
  • for printed or digital marketing materials
  • on websites (with the exception of
  • in social media messaging
  • by students

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